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quarta-feira, agosto 28, 2013


Darkside é uma peça de Tom Stoppard que incorpora a música do álbum The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973), no momento em que se assinalam os 40 anos do disco mais vendido dos Pink Floyd.

The Dark Side Of The Moon: "multi-layered, existential meditations on fear, madness, greed, and the elusive passage of time." [...] "Do something meaningful with your life while there's still time, the principle message of Pink Floyd's song" Time. "Pink Floyd's Roger Waters seem to conclude that surviving life's myriad woes requires a leap of faith in humanity — to believe in goodness even if no evidence supports it — and that regardless of the moral and ethical dilemma, we're all in this together" (ler mais).

Now, some 40 years later, the legendary playwright Sir Tom Stoppard has “transformed the Pink Floyd classic into a psychedelic mash-up of Kantian philosophy, epic rock and John Prescott soundbites,” writes The Independent.

Darkside pode ser ouvido no site da BBC até dois de setembro de 2013.

Além do tom meditativo e ambiência lunar, as reflexões existencialistas foram, pessoalmente, um dos atrativos de The Dark Side Of The Moon

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