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sexta-feira, janeiro 31, 2014

«Europe is falling apart» say Laibach

LAIBACH, banda industrial eslovena em actividade desde 1980. «Europe is falling apart» ouve-se no profético Eurovision, tema do novo álbum Spectre, a ser editado no terceiro dia de Março próximo
photo origin/copyright: Maya Nightingale 2013

Letra de Eurovision:

«Here are crowds in the streets / they are crying to be heard / I hear echoes of voices / they are trying so hard / but the ears are kept shut. / I see millions of hands / they are raised to the sky / I see visions of [?...] / they are trying so hard / but the eyes are kept shut.

Europe is falling apart.

In the absence of war / we are questioning peace / in the absence of God / we will pray to police / oceans of people oceans of sorrow / they are trying so hard / but the minds are kept shut

Europe is falling apart.

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