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terça-feira, outubro 25, 2016

Cantar os seus males para os espantar

Bob Dylan
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«What made the real blues singers so great is that they were able to state all the problems they had; but at the same time, they were standing outside them and could look at them. And in that way, they had them beat. What's depressing today is that many young singers are trying to get inside the blues, forgetting that those older singers used them to get outside their troubles

Bod Dylan citado por Nat Hentoff, num texto incluído no booklet do álbum The Freewheelin' em CD, reedição de 2003, sobre o tema Down The Highway (Well, I'm walkin' down the highway / With my suitcase in my hand / Yes, I'm walkin' down the highway / With my suitcase in my hand / Lord, I really miss my baby / She's in some far-off land). Bob Dylan menciona que o que pensa sobre os blues aprendeu-o com Big Joe Williams.

É isto que também fazem os real fadistas: derrotar ou espantar os males ao cantá-los. Cantá-los permite o distanciamento.

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