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A story of freedom and awakening

A biographical book about true and intense life experiences and personal awakening: "The more of the real we truly see, the closer we are to being free" (p.157)

Uau... it is like Torsten E. Klimmer (aka Omananda) has already lived many lives "driven by a burning desire for freedom". And intense lives have been lived. A collection of so many rich and "unique" life experiences and wisdom obtained from his personal "spiritual journey" that has taken place over twenty-eight years.

Most of the time was spent "traveling the world". "Traveling can be of irreplaceable value to any person who truly wants to understand" (p.156). Life lessons, discovery of wisdom and one's purpose, life contemplation, getting new perspectives/insights and exploring inner universes.

One can travel the world "touring the planet" or one can do it in one space, in his/her room, that is, "travel astral - as an inter-dimensional time-traveler that can also be the way of the shaman. The two [different ways] go well in combination, but one is much more effective, because it breaks though the limitations of time and space, thus enabling us to reach our destination much faster and furthering us on the path to nowhere, toward the here and now" (p.158).

India, for instance, "had taken us through some fascinating inner and outer places." "I learned a great deal about myself during that trip to India, which was the first of many to come. I appreciate the vast spectrum of experiences available in India, where a profound spiritual understanding seems to be deeply embedded into everyday life. In India I understood we need to pass through darkness before we can find light and that we must take time to develop techniques that allow us to look inwards for answers to personal questions" (p.89).

There are clues for other people to inspire themselves looking for inner peace, their true self and a meaningful life. "This book is dedicated to all light-warriors who make it their life's mission to catalyze the process of conscious awakening", it is said.

"For individuals who are unprepared or willing to receive insights into the deeper meaning of life that often goes hand in hand with a spiritual awakening, a strong psychedelic trip can be traumatizing" (p.98) Omananda warns. "My intention of opening my third eye had given me powerful insights into a reality I did not even know existed" (p.128).

One needs to get ego free. "Awakening comes in many forms, and the most natural process for achieving it involves being loving and kind. When guided by the wisdom of our intuition we learn to delevop compassion. One simply becomes love as the ego steps out of the way to allow a complete merger with the experience in the present moment" (p.305).

Less allows us to be more and free. "The total silence, nakedness, and isolation in the jungle left its mark on my psyche. I was stripping myself methodically of any possible comforts and distractions." "For the first time, I was content and filled with love that came from inside me, as if there was an endless source of it" (p.140).

"I suddenly became weary of life and found little purpose in it since self-gratifying and surviving was all I seemed to be doing - still! I needed a higher purpose to live for" (p.151). We know that chemistry of our brain makes we run after new goals all the time - we are not programmed to sit and enjoy what we have achieved. That chemistry aims to make sure we never stop. Life is movement.

Last, but not least, I wish all good luck with the action plans for the future concerning life on the planet and "unlocking a higher human potential" (p.321). "It is crucial that we ALL focus on a beautiful and peaceful world together while we can still preserve nature on this planet" (p.244). This means shifting "our consciousness to a higher level" (p.308) and "experience ourselves fully conscious with a present awareness as life unfolds in our waking lives" (p.309).

After all, "love and sharing it has always been, and always will be, the final solution and answer to all of our problems" (p.318).

I really enjoyed the book, not only the narrative about the travels to many different places in the world, but also, and especially, the philosophical and deeper dimensions: self development, exploration, awakening, transformation and growth as a person, and a new/higher purpose of life that unfolds.

Omananda is also the producer of the psychedelic film Liquid Crystal Vision.

Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom was made in the USA, Columbia, SC, 17 December 2017.

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