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domingo, setembro 30, 2007

Orlando Pereira em entrevista ao Times

Orlando Pereira, o campeão regional, em acção.
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Alex Wade publicou uma entrevista a um proeminente surfista do Jardim do Mar, Orlando Pereira, no Times Online (Sunday Times): Surf Nation (sobre o Surf Nation ler aqui).

O Jardim do Mar e a Madeira continuam a ser notícia através deste Portrait of a surfer: Orlando Pereira. Sobre o point break da Ponta Jardim é dito o seguinte:

«Jardim do Mar, though, is the jewel in Madeira's crown. Because of the very promenade on which Orlando and I are strolling, it is now a low tide break only. Orlando is so tranquil and laid-back that it is difficult to imagine him ever being aggrieved by anything, but his brows furrow when he recalls what once was there, and what it has become. "The government didn't listen to anything the surfers had to say. They went ahead and built the promenade when we knew it would destroy the wave at high tide. Elsewhere similar things have happened. They seem to think that surfers are druggies and drop-outs who can be ignored but it's not true."

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