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domingo, maio 31, 2009

Discos de Miles Davis sugeridos por Sunn O)))

Stephen O'Malley: "Anything 69-74 [of Miles Davis] you can't go wrong. Congrats on discovering the best music of the 20th century!"
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Greg Anderson dos drone doom metallers Sunn O))), na entrevista (e tema de capa) da ROCK-A-ROLLA #20, fala da força inspiradora que é o jazz:

«Aside from the arranged scores, Greg [Anderson] was recently very vocal about jazz, especially in relation to his project Ascend, and it's tempting to say there are free jazz elements on Monoliths [& Dimensions, Sunn O)))'s new album], given the presence of Julian Priester and Stuart Dempster, both of whom are renowed jazz players. But as with anything to do with Sunn O))) this is somewhat misleading, and Greg agrees.

"I don't feel comfortbale saying that Sunn O))) is a jazz band, it even seems weird to say Sunn O))) is influenced by jazz. People think you're trying to play jazz - we would never claim to be able to do that. Instead of influence, I would like to say inspiration.

I'm a huge fan of jazz, as is Stephen [O'Malley, the other member of Sunn O)))], and that's one of the things we definitely bond on, but I'm not that kind of player. I find inspiration in the freeness of jazz and the tones that Miles Davis produced, especially in the late 60s early 70s - the darkness of that music.

Really dark music in general we're attracted to. It's absolutely unbelievable that we're able to work with some people on this record. like Julian Priester, who played with John Coltrane, Sun Ra and Herbie Hancock, some of my favourite jazz musicians. His contribution was so unique and beautiful."»

Como tenho apenas um disco de Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue (1959), fiquei curioso e contactei Sunn O))) para fazerem o favor de especificarem os discos dos late 60s e early 70s a que se referiam. Num ápice Greg Anderson respondeu ao email, que aqui partilho com os melómanos, desejando também happy discoveries (enquanto escrevo já estou a ouvir online In A Silent Way - e a gostar - através da radio3net):

-E.S.P (1965)
-Miles Smiles (1966)
-Sorcerer (1967)
-Nefertiti (1967)
-Miles in the Sky (1968)
-Water Babies (previously unissued recordings from 1967 & 1968)
-Filles de Kilimanjaro (1968)
-In a Silent Way (1969)
-Bitches Brew (1970) (RIAA: Platinum)
-Jack Johnson (1970)
-Live-Evil (1970)
-On the Corner (1972)
-Big Fun (1974)
-Get Up with It (1974)

Also any live recordings from 69-74 are worth getting:

-Live at the Fillmore East, March 7, 1970: It's About That Time (1970)
-Black Beauty: Live at the Fillmore West (1970)
-Miles Davis at Fillmore: Live at the Fillmore East (1970)
-Message to Love: The Isle of Wight Festival 1970 (1970)
-The Cellar Door Sessions (1970)
-In Concert: Live at Philharmonic Hall (1972)
-Dark Magus (1974)
-Agharta (1975)
-Pangaea (1975)

Stephen O'Malley, o outro elemento de Sunn O))), acrescentou (ainda sobre a discografia de Miles Davis), também via email: "anything 69-74 you can't go wrong. Congrats on discovering the best music of the 20th century!"

Nota biográfica:
Greg Anderson e Stephen O'Malley fundaram a editora independente/underground Southern Lord Records, em Abril de 1998, com sede em Los Angeles, California. A editora é especializada em doom, sludge, drone, experimental metal, e, mais recentemente, black metal.

A propósito:
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