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domingo, maio 31, 2009

Liturgia Sunn O)))

Os drone doom metallers Sunn O))), recentemente capa de duas importantes revistas inglesas, WIRE e ROCK-A-ROLLA.

Algumas citações dessas entrevistas:

"For musicians and listeners alike who wish to see their own restless curiosity reflected and satisfied, yet who find edification in the ritualistic aspect of performance, Sunn O))) are irresistible".
[WIRE #302]

"Ultimately everyone on the new record came into the album based on the music... and the idea of music."
[Stephen O'Malley in WIRE #302]

"The music we produce, it's not coming from somebody who has restrictions on their musical tastes and only likes a certain kind of music."
[Greg Anderson said in Rock-A-Rolla #20]

"I'm a huge fan of jazz, as is Stephen, and that's one of the things we definitely bond on, but I'm not that kind of player. I find inspiration in the freeness of jazz and the tones that Miles Davis produced, especially in the late 60s early 70s - the darkness of that music".
[Greg Anderson said in Rock-A-Rolla #20]

"Our music is broad enough that it's attracting different people who are open minded."
[Greg Anderson said in Rock-A-Rolla #20]

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