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domingo, maio 23, 2010

Johnny Guitar

Johnny Guitar (1954) é um western clássico, que nunca tinha visto antes ou não me recordo de alguma vez ter visto. A RTP2 mostrou-o este sábado
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Johnny: There's nothin' like a good smoke and a cuppa' coffee. You know, some men got the craving for gold and silver. Others need lotsa' land, with herds of cattle. And then there's those that got the weakness for whiskey, and for women. When you boil it all down, what does a man really need? Just a smoke and a cup of coffee.
Marshal Williams: And who are you?
Johnny: The name, sir, is Johnny Guitar.
Dancin' Kid: [Scornfully] That's no name!
Johnny: [Cooly] Anybody care to change it?
Vienna: I hired you to play the guitar, not insult my customers.
Johnny: Well, if these are your customers, I'm not so sure I'll take this job.
Vienna: That's pretty strong talk for a man who doesn't wear a gun.

Dancin' Kid: I didn't get your name stranger.
Johnny: Guitar. Johnny Guitar.
Dancin' Kid: You call that a name?
Johnny: Care to try and change it?

Dancin' Kid: I like you, Guitar Man. How'd you like to work for me?
Johnny: I wouldn't.
Dancin' Kid: Now all of a sudden I don't like you.
Johnny: Now that makes me real sad.

Emma: I'm going to kill you.
Vienna: I know. If I don't kill you first.

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