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domingo, novembro 28, 2010

BEN FROST, electrónica cinemática no Madeira Dig 2010

Ben Frost, australiano que vive na Islândia, é um dos artistas presentes a não perder. A sua actuação acontece no dia 5 de Dezembro (domingo), integrado no Madeira Dig 2010. O disco By The Throat é o seu mais recente marco discográfico, editado há um ano. A edição com faixas bónus contém o tema "Studies for Michael Gira". Michael Gira (Swans, Angels Of Light) é um dos meus artistas preferidos.

Frost’s music is about contrast; influenced as much by Classical Minimalism as by Rock & Metal, Frost’s throbbing guitar-based textures emerge from nothing and slowly coalesce into huge, forbidding forms that often eschew conventional structures in favor of the inevitable unfoldings of vast mechanical systems. (Digital In Berlin)

«By The Throat creates «something defiantly new, and distinctly dramatic and programmatic.» «The cinematic electronica of Australian Ben Frost offers a Hi-Def portal do other worlds». «The rumble of double bass is a key sound in the album». «Frost utilises the musical and technological developments of the past decade, and the atavistic power of its Metal elements to make those worlds all-encompassing and eerrily real. Occasionally the experience may feel like a home cinema thrill-ride, but at its best this record truly does grab you by the throat.» (Joe Muggs in WIRE magazine - issue 309 November 2009, p53)

«Listening to Frost's epic minimalism, it's no surprise to discover taht he admires Arvo Part, Gyorgy Ligeti, Swans, Sunn O))) and Burial.» «The ramping-up tension to the point where it is almost unbearable, is something that Frost has in common with the aforementioned Swans - and By The Throat's  larval, leviathan slowness, the sense of enormous power held in check, recalls nothing so much as that group's performances in the mid-1980s.» «Saturated with a sense o the cinematic. Most Hollywood scores now are depressingly conservative, but Frost's work could be a template for a 21st century movie music.» «"If my work is cinematic, it is really only in the sense that making it, for me, is very much a visual exercise where every element of thsi record has a singular and and inherent animated visual shape, colour and texture, and I am trying to make this music a world in and of itself" (says Frost). «With its wolf howls and monstrous machine-screams , By The Throat 's world feels like a vast, desolate, inhospitable terrain populated by predators both organic and inorganic.» (Mark Fisher in WIRE magazine - issue 310 December 2009, p14)

Os artistas/concertos e outras actividades adjacentes (after-sessions, lecture, installation, presentation e screenings) podem se escrutinadas em madeiradig.net. Os concertos têm como palco o Centro das Artes da Calheta (Casa das Mudas) e os restantes eventos a Estalagem da Ponta do Sol e o Centro Cultural John dos Passos.

Os preços variam entre os 15 euros por concerto, 40 euros para três dias (poupança de 5 euros) e 50 euros para os quatro dias (poupança de 10 euros).

Ben Frost ao vivo já no próximo domingo, no Centro das Artes
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