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quinta-feira, março 17, 2011

THE WALL (11): efeito terapêutico

The Wall acabou por funcionar como forma de catarse e desbloqueio de nós emocionais do jovem Roger Waters

What were your inspirations for “The Wall”?, perguntou a Associated Press (April 2010). Waters respondeu: «My early manhood was troubled by all kinds of feelings of inferiority, and inconsequence, I was that guy at parties who only ever dressed in black and stood in the corner and scowled at people.

Very often those attempts by the young to be cool are just because they’re absolutely scared. I certainly was. The writing of “The Wall” was part of a process that I used to free myself from some of those neuroses, and some of those fears. Fear is a very pernicious element in many of our lives … (It) is in lots of ways similar to the fear that is engendered in nations and ideologies. … We build up these defenses and the fear that we establish about other, anybody that’s not us.»

O medo contrai, fecha, isola, faz mal. O personagem em The Wall passa por esse processo de contracção e fechamento, que é uma forma de defesa e refúgio, mas que alimenta o medo. O próprio autor, Roger Waters, na época, passou por um processo de isolamento, que despoletou a ideia de construir um muro entre si e a audiência. Foi assim que nasceu The Wall. Só muito mais tarde ultrapassou os seus medos.

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