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quinta-feira, março 17, 2011

THE WALL (10): alegria e prazer verdadeiros na relação com os outros seres humanos

Com quase 60 anos em 2002, Roger Waters afirmou: "It's exciting to feel I'm on the edge of maturity, emotionally"

À pergunta da The Age, em Abril de 2002, "Around the time of Wish You Were Here you were quoted as saying you felt the world was a sad place. Do you still feel that way?", Roger Waters respondeu:

"My work flickers back and forth between introspective writing and general political comment on the way the world works. It also tries to make sense of both of those things together. If one looks into one's own life and discovers what it is we find joy in, deep fundamental joy and pleasure, it's nearly always connections with other human beings, whether they're family or friends or people who are strangers.
"Yes, a lot of the world is very sad, but I'm optimistic. I feel that we're capable of greater empathy than could be described in the way the world works at the moment. The questions are becoming more open. They're becoming exposed with the burgeoning of this information technology."
"Also, I'd identified some major problems that I've had in my life. For one reason or another, I had some powerful feelings of abandonment when I was a very young child that I'm only beginning to extricate myself from now. I'm nearly 60 years old and I'm just beginning to feel I can operate as an adult. It's exciting to feel I'm on the edge of maturity, emotionally."

(Nota: por vezes uma pessoa pode ser mais feliz e conquistar alegria e paz interior numa fase avançada da vida, o que não deixa de ser interessante, já que o envelhecimento traz mais harmonia e bem-estar emocional)

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