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domingo, março 13, 2011

THE WALL (7): Roger Waters sobre arte & egocentrismo

O processo de criação à volta de certos temas obriga a introspecção, a estar imerso em si próprio
Em entrevista a The Age (Abril de 2002), Roger Waters afirmou: "People going into rock'n'roll are pretty self-centred. I am. To write what I've written, you have to be self-centred. To write the words that the lonely people can connect to, the authenticity in that, whatever it is, that you discover in the lyric and the music, there inevitably is narcissism in that, and you have to accept that's what it is. That's what all art is.

"Without that disregard for what anybody else may think, you don't produce anything. I certainly don't buy into the notion that bands keep going because they care about their roadies or the people selling T-shirts. They care about themselves. Some people become addicted to the life, addicted to the attention, addicted to the limelight. The limelight addiction is very real."

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