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terça-feira, março 02, 2010

The Godfather of Metal, Tony Iommi, and Monitor Audio speakers

O guitarrista dos Black Sabbath, Toni Iommi, usa colunas Monitor Audio, como aqui o rapaz
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«Toni Iommi, the ledgendary musician widely credited as having invented the sound of heavy metal, has joined forces with Monitor Audio to help promote the benefits of dynamic full-frequency music reproduction.

Over the years many famous people have owned a pair of Monitor Audio loudspeakers. But none is so genetically connected with Rock music as our newest endorsee. Tony Iommi is the founding member of Rock giants Black Sabbath and is acknowledged by his peers as having invented the sound of heavy metal.

The guitar supremo uses our current flagship model, the PL300s in a two-channel system, along with Radius HD and Gold GS10 for home cinema and studio duties respectively.

In a new Monitor Audio advertising campaign featured in Classic Rock magazine, the founding member of metal gods Black Sabbath is pictured with a flagship Platinum PL300 speaker.

Mr Iommi, who owns several pairs of Monitor Audio’s speakers, said “I'm delighted to be associated with Monitor Audio and I'm a huge fan of their products. If this helps to get great sound in front of a wider audience, then I’m all for it.”

Michael Johnson, marketing manager of Monitor Audio said, “we were looking for a new creative to showcase some of the technological audio advances we have made at Monitor Audio since the company was formed. We were keen to work with a musician and what better way than to team up with the inventor of some of the most recognisable guitar riffs in rock history?

Mr Iommi uses Monitor Audio's flagship Platinum PL300 speakers in a 2-channel system along with a mix of Radius HD and GS10 speakers for home cinema and studio duties respectively.

‘The performance of Monitor Audio products is outstanding’, adds Iommi, ‘Each part of the range is also incredibly versatile and they look great too’.

As well as his work with Black Sabbath, Tony is a successful solo artist and has worked with many of rock's top names including Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl, Billy Corgan, Phil Anselmo and Ozzy Osbourne.

Other notable milestones for Iommi include being voted Number One in Guitar World's "100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time" pole and seeing Black Sabbath inducted into the UK and US Rock Hall’s of Fame.

In late 2006, Tony reunited with Ronnie James Dio, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice to form ‘Heaven & Hell’, and have recorded and toured with great success ever since.»

Nota: como ouço Rock, não sei se os topos de gama da Monitor Audio serão as mais adequadas para este estilo musical. A gama Silver sei que sim (o modelo RS já não se faz, agora são as novas RX). Toni Iommi prefere as Platinum. As qualidades audiófilas como a transparência, o refinamento ou a abertura na gama média podem colocar-se no caminho da musicalidade do som da aparelhagem, nomeadamente as colunas, para alguns melómanos.

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