«And some people say that it's just rock 'n' roll. Oh but it gets you right down to your soul» NICK CAVE

sexta-feira, abril 02, 2010

Monitor Audio rocks

Espelho meu, haverá colunas mais rock do que eu?
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«Hand-painted by an award winning airbrush artist, the PL300's already striking looks have been enhanced dramatically. With each loudspeaker taking up to 100 hours to paint in glorious rock' n' roll livery, these speakers are truly unique and nothing will come close to the musical and visual assault that the PL300's can deliver!» (October 2008)

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The Godfather of Metal, Tonny Iommi, and Monitor Audio speakers

No início foi o Walkman
Espelho meu, haverá colunas mais rock do que eu?
And the winner is...

Teste das Avalon NP2
Coração quente
Audio e o Santo Graal / Audio and The Holy Grail
Melomania e audiofilia, uma relação de equilíbrio
Melomania e audiofilia: a prova dos Nu Force Reference 9

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